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  • Blow Off Valve Sounds
  • Blow Off Valve Sounds
Description of Blow Off Valve Sounds (from google play)

Everyone loves the sound of a dump valve/wastegate/blow off valve sound. Here is the best collection of blow off valve sounds for everyone to enjoy!

If you love the sound of turbocharged vehicles and enjoy the sound of the blow off valve blowing. You will love this.

Wastegate, waste gate, blow off valve, dump valve, atmospheric purge valve, recirculation valve, these are all the names that are given for the blow off valve. If you can think of any other names given to the blow off valve, get in touch!

High quality blow off valve sounds.
Application optimized for response.
Lots of fun fooling people into thinking your car is turbo when you play through your car speakers.

What is a blow off valve?

A blowoff valve (BOV), dump valve or compressor bypass valve (CBV) is a pressure release system present in most turbocharged engines. Its purpose is to prevent compressor surge, and reduce wear on the turbocharger and engine. These valves relieve the damaging effects of compressor "surge loading" by allowing the compressed air to vent to the atmosphere (BOV case), making a distinct hissing sound, or recirculate into the intake upstream of the compressor inlet (CBV case).

How does the blow off valve work?

A blowoff valve is connected by a vacuum hose to the intake manifold after the throttle plate. When the throttle is closed, the relative manifold pressure drops below atmospheric pressure and the resulting pressure differential operates the blowoff valve's piston. The excess pressure from the turbocharger is then vented into the atmosphere or recirculated into the intake upstream of the compressor inlet.

Other names for the turbo blow off valve are compressor bypass valve, pressure relief valve or a diverter valve.

Hook your phone or tablet up to your cars sound system today and blast those dump valve sounds as you're driving (Get your passenger to press the buttons, do not do it yourself whilst driving)! Turn heads and get noticed with these epic turbo blow off valve sounds.

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